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Pure Cotton vs. Synthetic Fabrics

January 13, 2020 2 min read

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The Difference Between Synthetic & Cotton Fabrics

Cotton and synthetic fabrics are amongst the most popular fabrics utilized on the market for garment production worldwide. There are a wide variety of fabrics on the market that have varying price points for suppliers or consumers to choose from. It is essential to consider which fabrics you will use when producing or ordering products to get the highest quality product that meets your specifications. 

Important Information to Know About Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are normally made from a blend of materials, including spandex, nylon, polypropylene, kevlar, or polyester. Synthetic fabrics are produced by reactions of oil-based products that produce polymer pellets. Once these pellets are purchased from manufacturers, they are heated to change into a liquid or fluid state. Once the liquid polymer is used to produce continuous strands of fiber, they are collected and cut to specified lengths to construct garments. Synthetic fabrics are typically used for fabrics that need to preserve body temperature for extended periods outdoors in colder weather. Synthetic fabrics are also an ideal choice in areas with heavy rain since it will help to keep the individual both warm and dry while wearing it. Synthetic fabrics are very durable, and they are often one of the least expensive options when choosing fabric combinations. One drawback to synthetic fabrics is that they are not absorbent, which makes it not ideal for individuals that need water from their skin to be absorbed quickly.

Cotton Fabrics or Synthetics

Cotton is a preferable fabric because it is naturally created. Cotton fabrics are an ideal choice in warmer environments where it is dry and hot. Cotton is famous for being light and breezy on the skin. Cotton can control moisture, provide comfort, insulate, and is durable. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for individuals that have allergic reactions to other synthetic fabrics.

Information About White + Kimono Fabrics

White + Kimono has designed children’s bathrobes that are made of Giza cotton. Giza cotton is one of the highest qualities of cotton on planet earth, which makes White + Kimono’s fabrics ideal for creating high-end children’s bathrobes. We’ve built great relations with top manufacture in Portugal, where it is possible to have access to expert seamstresses whose attention to detail is impeccable. Each bathrobe is a synergetic work of art.

Where to Find White + Kimono Bathrobes for Children

White + Kimono has children’s cotton bathrobes exclusively available for shipping from our online store. We believe that our children deserve real feelings in our synthetic era; we believe that natural cotton is the only option when we talk about kids' clothing. Working with top manufacturers and using the top suppliers of quality Egyptian Giza cotton, we created the best children’s bathrobes possible. Every piece of beautifully designed robe comes in a separate gift box that is ready to be presented to your beloved child. The packaging is ideal for storage after being worn.

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