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Born in New York City, Made in Portugal

January 13, 2020 2 min read

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The Birth Of White + Kimono

It all started with my own two daughters having food and environmental allergies leading to skin conditions. The constant battle with keeping them healthy and comfortable in their skin remained a challenge. I've attempted to find hypoallergenic bathrobes that were high in quality and chemical-free and found nothing. I've noticed that a lot of parents were going through similar issues and decided to research options for producing bathrobes myself. 

After countless months of reaching out to different countries, getting samples that were never "good enough" I've finally discovered Giza cotton and a facility in Portugal that will produce what I needed. I felt obligated to share my findings with others, so White + Kimono was born.

White + Kimono provides a high-quality product line of children’s bathrobes that are constructed from the finest fabrics in the world. Double stitching and European production standard make our bathrobes exquisite. Whether you'd like to get a fuzzy bathrobe for your child or present one as a gift, White + Kimono's bathrobes are ideal in their grade and beautiful packaging.

What Fabrics & Production Process Do We Use?

We use Giza cotton because it is very soft, which makes the material comfortable for your child to wear. This cotton is absorbent, which enables your child to dry off faster than they would with ordinary bathrobes made from synthetic materials. The stitching and construction of our children’s bathrobes are scrupulous and is completed by expert seamstresses in Portugal. Our bathrobes are created in an environmentally friendly facility and at no point in production, chemicals are allowed.

Did you know?

White + Kimono bathrobes can be used instead of towels! The fact that Giza cotton used in our bathrobes is highly absorbent will make bath time easier and hassle-free. No need to dry off your child with towels! Let the White + Kimono's bathrobe do all the work! While drying off their body and hair, it will also keep your children warm. 

The use of our bathrobes is not limited to bath time, use them at the pool or on vacation! Natural hypoallergenic fabric will not aggravate skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, and won't give them hives. 

 Our Unique Packaging

Our packaging is unique because we made sure that it is not just beautiful but multifunctional as well. Sturdy box with ribbon handles makes it easy to transport and exclusive design removes the need to buy an additional gift bag if you wish to present it. If you buy our product for your own child they can use the box for storing their "important secrets."

We are thrilled to share our product with families and hope that your children will love our bathrobes as much as we do.

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