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Meet Giza Cotton! The Finest, Softest Cotton in the World!

January 13, 2020 2 min read

Two Flowers of Cotton

Why Giza Cotton?

Within Egyptian cotton, Giza cotton is one of the most prestigious to purchase. Cotton is made from the plant matter around the seeds of the cotton plant that is famous for its light, soft, and fluffy texture. It is one of the best fabrics to use for fabric production! Within cotton, there are several different levels of quality to choose from. It is important to be knowledgeable of the different types of cotton to figure out which is the best possible match for a garment you want to produce or wear. Each year, 25 million tons of cotton are produced mainly coming out of China and the United States. For more high-end cotton, Egypt is one of the premier destinations to explore. Giza cotton is the ideal match for a garment that you want to produce or wear, it is wise to review the information below:

What Is Giza Cotton?

Giza cotton is high-end cotton that is primarily grown and harvested in the Middle East. Giza cotton is essentially a type of Egyptian cotton. It is exotic because this cotton is grown and harvested close to the Nile river, which makes unique qualities in its composition that are not found elsewhere. The Nile Delta has an ideal environment for the cotton plant because it has perfect sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, and humidity to enhance cotton growth. The Nile Delta is an ideal place for cotton plants to grow because it is one of the few areas within Egypt where there is constantly enough water. Due to these ideal conditions, a higher quality cotton plant can grow that is fabulous for garments.

Why Is Giza Cotton the best for Garment Production?

Giza cotton is easy to design in unique patterns and shapes, which is why it is one of the most expensive and exclusive cotton in the world this equals “the best”. Giza cotton is ideal for garment production. It is lighter and softer than typical cotton. As a result, Giza cotton is perfect to use in clothing that is both lightweight and heavy. Being highly absorbent Giza cotton makes the perfect choice for clothing that will need to dry quickly and still be comfortable for the individual that is wearing them. When trying to decide between traditional cotton and Giza cotton, you should choose Giza cotton.

What types of Fabrics Can Be Found in White + Kimono’s Bathrobes?

Giza cotton because it is absorbent! The perfect match for children to be comfortable in when they get out of the shower or swimming pool. White + Kimono has selected Giza cotton to be the fabric produced to make their high-quality children’s bathrobes. White + Kimono’s bathrobes are produced in Portugal and are unisex. To learn more about these children’s bathrobes look on our website, click here.

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